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Workshop: Collaborative Robots Series

Workshop: Collaborative Robots Series

Build With Robots and FUSE Makerspace are teaming up to introduce the fast-growing technology of Collaborative Robots (cobots) to central New Mexico’s economy.  Anyone interested in cobot technology and applications is welcome to join this series of workshops with Build with Robots founders, Randy Krall and Chris Ziomek. 

         Price: $39 for one class or $75 for the whole series (3 sessions). 


Class 1: Intro to cobots: programming movement, actuators and intro to scripts                    Friday, Jan 25th 4-8pm   

Class 2: Tool control point setup, safety, optimizing movement                                             Tuesday Jan 30 4-8pm   

Class 3: Programming loops, conditional control, procedures and scripts                               Saturday, Feb 10 8-12am  or  Tuesday Feb 20 4-8pm

Instructions to Register:

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    • Click "Packages"
    • Purchase the "Cobots single class" package or "Cobots training package"
  • Click "Book Classes" from the left menu
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*We need a minimum number of students to run each class. Please register at least 24 hours before the class time.

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