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CoBot Welding

Using Collaborative Robots (CoBots), companies can automate their processes to make repetitive motion jobs safer and more efficient. CoBot Welding allows individual welders or entire companies to automate their welding process to produce near perfect MIG welds consistently with simple programming. An experienced welder can increase their output and consistency. FUSE Makerspace offers several ways to learn to use this technology with a skilled trainer. Looking to get your feet wet and try out the equipment? Consider taking our CoBot Welder Operations and Safety Class. No experience necessary. This two-session class will teach you the basics of programming and give you experience practicing welds. After completing this class FUSE members can use the CoBot welder during regular operating hours. Ready to dive in and automate your company's welding process? We can customize an Automation Bootcamp for Welders to suit your company's needs. This class is 1-week long and will give you a deep dive into programming the CoBot Welder to complete the jobs you do everyday. For more information on either training please see below. 


CoBot Welder Operations and Safety at FUSE Makerspace

FUSE Makerspace is the proud home of a CoBot from Universal Robots with a welding attachment. If you are looking for an introduction to CoBot Welding or would like to use the CoBot Welder at FUSE Makerspace, we have an operations and safety training to get you on your way. No experience necessary.

CoBots Welding 1: Learn basic CoBot Welder programming 

  • Tuesday, August 7, 5pm-9pm OR Thursday, August 16, 5pm-9pm

CoBot Welding 2: Hands on with the CoBot Welder

  • Wednesday, August 8, 5pm-9pm OR Friday, August 17, 5pm-9pm

Members must take both classes to qualify to use the CoBot Welder at FUSE Makerspace 

Price: $69 each class ($138 total)

How to Register: 

  • Click the button below
  • Click "Register" to create a free account
  • Click "Buy"
  • Click "Packages"
  • Purchase two (2) Extended Operations and Safety Packages
  • Click "Book Classes" from the left menu
  • Find the date you would like to attend for session 1 and click CoBots Welding 1, click "Book"
  • Find the date you would like to attend for session 2 and click CoBots Welding 2, click "Book"

Click Here to Register


Automation Bootcamp for Welders

Are you ready to automate your company's welding process? In partnership with Build With Robots, FUSE Makerspace is offering a 1-week welding automation training using a CoBot from Universal Robots with a welding attachment. A skilled welder using this equipment can produce near perfect MIG welds. This technology offers a better way to weld safely and consistently in a shorter period of time than traditional welding.

This 40-hour class will teach an experienced welder everything they need to know to deploy and use a CoBot Welder. Training can be customized to suit a company’s unique welding needs.

For more information, please contact Carolyn Chavez,




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